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Model GG Stainless steel flexible metal hose/pump connector • Groove x groove ends • Stock sizes: 2″ through 12” • Custom sizes available • Stainless steel hose and braid • Permanent offset: .375-inch • Intermittent offset: .125-inch

How much does it cost to install concrete driveway?

Item Unit Cost Quantity Line Cost 1. Concrete: transport less than 20 miles; prepare and build the 8'' wide x 4" slab with mesh and rebar atop 4" base; and 500 sq.ft. of parking; total 2,900 sq.ft. $3.40 per sq.ft. 3,045 $10,355 2. Upgrade: additional cost to install a 6" thick slab.

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When selecting a pond pump, it’s important to keep in mind that pumps have different cord lengths. Make sure the cord is long enough to go through the pond and plug in far away from the water. Some electrical codes specify that the outlet for water features must be at least 6 feet away from the water.

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Hydraulic Hose Asselies,Hydraulic Hose and Hose Asselies,Hydraulics, 3/4" X 108" 3/4 NPTM X 3/4 NPTM 3000 PSI HYD HOSE Brand new, 1/4" x 12" JIC 4F Swivel x JIC 4F Swivel SAE 100R16 Hydraulic Hose Assely 5800 PSI NRP Jones Item Nuer: 920-2212 433 In Stock

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Calculating concrete measurements is a simple volumetric calculation that may require a few conversions (see Tips). Concrete is best calculated by the cubic yard or by fractions of a cubic yard. Having a calculator handy will make these calculations easier.

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2018/11/19· If the fountain spout is 2 inches in diameter, then the fountain has 200 gallons per hour – or 2 x 200 = GPH. Next, measure the height of the fountain. Loe where the pump sits if it has a housing unit that isn''t at the base of the fountain. Measure from where the

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Grundfos SQ Pump: The 3 inch submersible well pump with advanced electronic protection! The 3 inch Grundfos SQ pump is the basic model of the 3" pump line. Grundfos SQ pumps are lightweight and their unique features offer protection from problems like low voltage, lightening, and dry-run (low water).

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Pipe 2 is the 400 ft pipe in which pump B is placed. This pipe is the same size as pipe A, so . Develop modified pump curves for pumps A and B to account for headlosses in the 400 ft 8 in Dines (1 gpm = 2.23 × 10 −3 ft 3 /s): Q 1 (gpm) Q 1 (cfs) 0 0 0 500 1.115

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This Predator® gasoline engine water pump engine can quickly transfer water at speeds up to 158 GPM (gallons per minute). The large 2 in. intake/discharge ports can pass soft solids up to 5/8 in. diameter. The gas engine on the pump makes it ideal for use during

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For thicker 5-6″ pours rebar can be used for reinforcement. The amount of rebar needed will vary by the size of the driveway, size of the rebar, and chosen spacing. On average rebar will cost $2 to $3 per square foot, but it’s often priced by the ton. Use our to get

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Insist on a pre-owned concrete pump that’s been CPR Certified, a standard only achieved through our 100-point inspection. Reliability Certified. Quality Certified. CPR Certified. Buying a pre-owned pump comes with questions. Make sure you have the answers.

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The mass of the pump concrete foundation must be 5 times the mass of the pump, base plate, and other equipment that is being supported, or vibration will occur. Up to 500 horsepower (375 KW), the foundation must be 3 inches (76 mm.) wider than the base plate all around.

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When it comes to Gas, Petroleum & Fuel Hoses, Grainger''s got your back. Easy online ordering for the ones who get it done along with 24/7 customer service, free technical

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For a 10 foot pipe with a 1 foot internal diameter (1/2 foot radius), the volume is: ~ 3.1416 * (.5)^2 * 10 = 7.854 cu. ft. of water (or anything else) How much water will 1 foot of 4 inch pipe hold?

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in. in in psi in lbs/ft 009-0326-0150IA 2 2.51 3 150 2 1.10 009-0486-0150IA 3 3.62 4 150 3 2.67 009-0646-0150IA 4 4.64 6 150 4 2.84 * Full Vacuum Appliion: Tank truck hose for transport of mineral oil products and fuel mixtures with aromatic content up to 50%

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First, the filter materials used in the vacuum cleaners are for no purpose other than to protect the end users of Shop Vac products from particles or debris being expelled back into the aient air during operation. They are in no way designed or intended to protect

ISDH: Recommended Standards For Private Water Wells

10 0.632 1,2 0.076 SDR-13.5 Nominal Pipe Size 4 0.412 3,4 0.049 6 0.491 3,4 0.058 8-----10-----The casing of any well should project at least 12 inches above the pump house floor or finished ground surface, and at least 24 inches above the No casing should be

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Include a straight run pipe length equal to 5 to 10 times the pipe diameter between the pump inlet and any obstruction in the suction line. Note: Obstructions include valves, elbows, "tees", and etc. Keeping the suction piping short ensures that inlet pressure drop is as low as possible.

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3. pumping lift 250 ft. 4. pump column pipe 8-in. steel pipe distance to pump in column pipe 350 ft. (or 3.5 x 100-ft. sections) 5. system flow rate 750 gpm 6. yearly operating time 2000 hrs. 7. distance from pump to pivot 4000 ft. (or 40 x 100-ft. sections) + + +

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Monifa, the oval 16 x 10 x 42 frame pool has a water capacity of 2,893 gallons of water. Please contact our service department at:1855-838-3888 to get directed to our website where you can request a call back from one of our customer service representatives within 2 business days should you have any questions, our business hours are M-F from 8:30 am-5:30 pm Arizona Time.

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2 · For gravel (3/4-in. to 2-in. stones), figure you''ll need 1/2-ton per 10 feet of stream. We used one- to 1-1/2 tons for the upper pool and lower basin. For basic field boulders (six inches to 24 inches) to line the stream banks, figure 3/4-ton per 10 feet of stream. Add 1

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Mueller Ls04060 1/2-inch X 60 FT Type L Soft Copper Tube $129.96 New Abbott Rubber Reinforced Vinyl Tubing Coil - T12004006 $104.99 New HOME-FLEX 1 In. IPS Dr 11 Underground Yellow Poly Gas Pipe Tee Rated at 125 PSI

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Gallons/day 6.944 x 10-4 Gallons/min. Gallons/day/sq.ft. 1.604 Inches/day Grams 2.205 x 10-3 Pounds Grams/liter 1000 Parts/million Hectares 2.471 Acres Horsepower 33,000 Foot-Lbs/min. Horsepower 0.7457 Kilowatts Inches 2.540 Centimeters Inches/day 0

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2001/3/1· The actual average cylinder strength for the floor concrete was 3630 psi. Four months after the floor was placed, 10 cores were drilled, measured, and tested in compression. The average core length was 5.62 inches, and the average strength was 5580 psi.