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2020/8/27· Some rubbers need to withstand both extreme cold as well as extreme heat, while others must withstand chemicals that may act as corrosives and could result in deterioration to many types of rubber. This makes heat and cold resistance, weatherability, and a lack of absorption a premium for gasket rubber, but toughness, flexibility, and friction properties should not be discounted.

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As a precursor to many rubber tests, heat aging of the rubber material prior to mechanical testing is typical; ASTM D 573, ASTM D 1056, UL 50, UL 48, UL 508, and UL 157 have heat aging requirements. Gaskets and pads exposed to high temperature or prolonged heat exposure can exhibit premature failure leading to water ingress.

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Specifiion for Cable Accessories, Termination and Jointing Materials for Underground Electrical Power Cables For Nominal System Voltage Up to 33kV Check this is the latest Process Zone version before use. ii Specifiion ETS 14-02-01 Ver 1 Ergon Energy

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Rubber Splicing Tape 130C Appliions • Insulate electrical connections up to 69 kV • Seal out moisture from low- and medium-voltage connections • Insulate bus bars • Insulate motor leads • End seal high-voltage cables • Highly conformable for

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With many years of experience within the cable industry, the Nexans Olex team have been assisting customers on a wide range of cable related topics. To assist you, we have listed our most commonly asked questions by product egory. Should you have a

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EPDM rubber (ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber) is a type of synthetic rubber that is used in many appliions. EPDM is an M-Class rubber under ASTM standard D-1418; the M class comprises elastomers having a saturated chain of the polyethylene type (the M deriving from the more correct term polymethylene).


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Rubber makes a great sealing material and has been used to seal refrigerator doors, car doors and windows, and even the lenses on cameras A lot of flooring is made out of rubber because it is an anti-fatigue product, and because of its ability to protect against injury

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Rated insulation voltage (Ui): 500 Vac 400 Vac (for contact blocks 2, 11, 12, 20, 21,22, 33, 34) Conventional free air thermal current (Ith): 10 A Protection against short circuits: type aM fuse 10 A 500 V Rated impulse withstand voltage (U imp): 6 kV 4 kV (for

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MSO Seals and Gaskets, based in Houston, Texas, strives to provide customers with a seals and gaskets manufac- turer and supplier that they can rely on. MSO manufac- tures 100% of its orders in-house, in Houston, Texas. Through fair prices, timely deliveries

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For longer seal life expectancy, do not operate your seal beyond 75% of any of its operating limits. Please consult engineering or call 1-800-283-7140 for advice. American High Performance Seals assumes no obligation or liability for any advice furnished or results obtained with respect to …

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Table 1. Voltage Ratings and Characteristics Description kV Standard Voltage Class 25 Maximum Rating Phase-to-Ground 15.2 ac 60 Hz 1 Minute Withstand 40 dc 15 Minute Withstand 78 BIL and Full Wave Crest 125 Minimum Partial Discharge Extinction

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This product line includes standard and special seal designs of rubber with metal insert construction and non-metal construction rotary shaft lip seals with or without a spring. The dynamic sealing lip is made of rubber material, available in a wide variety of standard, premium and special material options to meet specific fluid, temperature and other demanding operating requirements.

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Withstand Voltage VAC I/P to GND 2kVAC, I/P to O/P 3kVAC, O/P to GND 1380VDC 1 min Insulation Resistance Ω >100MΩ at 25 C & 70%RH Vibration (non operating) - IEC60068-2-64 Shock G <20G, half sine, 11ms. IEC60068-2-27 Safety Agency


The hardness of rubber compounds is measured by Shore A durometer; the higher the durometer nuer, the harder the compound. Wherever possible 70 durometer hardness should be used as it offers the best coination of properties for most O-ring appliions.


HIGH-& EXTRA-HIGH-VOLTAGE TURNKEY SERVICES With more than 14,000 km of cables, 30,000 terminations and 18,000 joints installed and commissioned since 1962, General Cable’s Silec underground cabling solutions are your best partner for the life of the entire cable system.

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oxide dielectric has excellent withstand voltage per thickness. And the thickness of dielectric can be freely controlled according to the rated voltage of the aluminum electrolytic capacitor. Therefore, in compare to other dielectric, similar voltage endurance is

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Our rubber components provide the strength and flexibility you need for temperature resistant appliions. Withstand temperatures up to 350 F (177 C) Low-cost solutions Abrasion resistant for blasting appliions EPDM resists alkalis, acids and oxygenated

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The question of which glue is the best glue for rubber adhesion is a tough one. Rubber comes in dozens of forms and is used in even more appliions. Furthermore, in these appliions it can adhere to substrates ranging from hard to flexible, from metal to plastic, or even to another rubber itself.

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In like manner, MIL-HDBK-695C applies to any and all rubber goods — but does not satisfy the needs of the seal industry. ARP 5316 was written to “fill the void” and provide a foundation upon which seal manufacturers, distributors, and users could generate realistic shelf life criteria.

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Apple Rubber is an ISO 9001 designer and manufacturer of standard AS568 & ISO 3601 o-rings, rubber seals, molded shapes, and custom sealing devices for over 40 years Leading designer and manufacturer of O-Rings, Rubber Seals and Custom Sealing devices.


ABOUT US hivolt.de is an internationally operating specialist for professional high voltage components and power supplies. hivolt.de serves customers in D-A-CH, the whole of Europe and worldwide. Products which are delivered by hivolt.de are being used in a

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When λ px is determined, the dependence of secondary stretch on the applied voltage, λ sx (U), should be found from the solution of the second transcendental equation in Eq. 8 . This is done in Fig. 3 , which shows two branches of equilibrium solutions as a function of measured voltage.

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Silicone Sponge and Silicone Rubber Gaskets, Seals, Cushions, and Materials STOCKWELL ELASTOMERICS 4749 Tolbut St. • Philadelphia PA. 19136 800.523.0123 • 215.335