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So for extinguishing the fires involving solvents like alcohol, normal foam concentrate will not do. For fighting the fires involving alcohols and other solvents, Alcohol resistant foam is required. On chemical tankers, that have foam as fixed fire fighting system for


1 Chapter 6 FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEMS 6.1.1 General (a) All buildings, except Purpose Group I and II (residential floors) shall be provided with portable fire extinguishers. (b) Portable fire extinguishers where required to be provided shall be constructed in

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FIREMIKS® is a mechanical dosing system used for fire fighting. The circulation of the water solely drives the motor – no other additional energy is required! T he efficient proportioning system where cost and environmental concerns are paramount. Our products

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Grooved fittings are used for connecting Standpipe to control, distribute, or support pipeline in different sizes or directions. By groove connection, project time is saved a lot with fast installation and easy maintenance. TPMC supply grooved pipe fittings for fire fighting system.

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Become the ultimate fire truck driver in this realistic fire fighting game! Experience fire emergencies like you''ve never seen before as you battle to extinguish fires before it''s too late! Take on missions to rescue civilians by fighting fires throughout the city! Explore the huge city landscape whilst driving a fire truck or head out on foot with the fire hose!You''re the fireman we''ve been

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With the hose attached to the fire hydrant, the valve can be opened to provide a powerful flow of water to extinguish a fire. Fire Suppression Systems (6) Safequip''s fire suppression systems are used in kitchens, bus engines and on heavy power equipment that is commonly found on industrial plants, it uses a coination of dry chemicals and/or wet agents to suppress equipment fires.

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FIRE FIGHTING TRAILER $4,260 (Incl. GST) $4,810 (Incl. GST) Diesel Powered Prices Ex. Sydney and Warehouse -------------------------------- The Spotmaster Fire Fighting Trailer is essential for that emergency situation when sometimes only minutes can make the difference between extinguishing an initial outbreak and an out of control bush fire. The Australian made trailer is easily registrable

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Cabinet dimensions(H×W×D) 1,135×290×350mm Hose length 20m Discharge time(20 ) Approx. 64sec Discharge range(20 ) Approx.8 to 10m Products TOP Portable Fire Extinguishers Portable Fire

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NAFFCO is a leading supplier of fire hoses and accessories in Dubai and the Middle East. Our hoses and accessories are fully certified by the NFPA and UL. Every fire hose we provide will enable your fire fighting team to stop fires quickly in your property or

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POLY CAFS extinguishing & fire fighting systems are ranking among the most successful firefighting instruments. Click here for more! The RFC POLY extinguishing systems are powerful, compact and energy independent. They feature CAFS technology, are

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We handle equipments (head, alarm valve, etc.) and piping materials (ELMEX, Sprinkler Flexible Hose, etc.) used for fire extinguishing equipment systems that automatically detect and extinguish fire so as to achieve an early-stage extinction, and for indoor fire

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Fixed fire fighting systems - hose systems - hose systems with lay - flat hose .. Fixed firefighting systems - components for sprinkler and water spray systems - part 4 : water motor alarms

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SFFECO Fire Extinguishing and Suppression Systems and SFFECO Fire Suppression systems are built on the foundation of reliability and sustainability. We have been in the industry for over decades and our fire extinguishing and suppression systems have a presence in over 100 countries with a strategic network of dealers and distributers.

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Fuxeon Fire-Fighting Technology Co., Ltd., Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting Fire Hose Series, Fire Sprinklers Extinguisher Series and 883 more Products. A Verified CN

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fire-extinguishing systems on Hong Kong registered ships. Should you have any queries in respect of this matter, please feel free to contact the undersigned at telephone (852) 2852 4510. Yours faithfully, Senior Surveyor/Cargo Ships Safety for Director of

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Direct fire fighting requires that fire fighting crews have a direct line of site to the fire or can observe it through a Thermal Image Camera. If the fire has not vented and you apply water to the base of the fire you will have rapid extinguishment of the fire and reduced steam, potentially reducing the risk of scalding.

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Safequip is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fire hose reels for commercial, industrial and public buildings for response to a small developing fire. Safequip provides a wide range of high-pressure fire hoses that carries water or other fire retardant (such as foam

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Since fire-fighting systems are so critical, the designs and arrangements of such systems should be carefully evaluated for compliance with the ABS requirements by the designer and ABS Engineering staffs. These Guidance Notes have been developed to assist in

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Dimensions 980 x 560 x 560 mm Weight 138 kg without tank Type of power engine 4-stroke petrol engine, 2 cyl. 13.2 Kw Type of starting Electric/recoil rope starter High pressure plunger pump 3 cyl. 23 1/min Maximum fire-fighting pressure 250 bar High pressure

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Fire hose used to apply water or other fire fighting agent directly to a fire or burning substance. Typically of 2 1 ⁄ 2 inches (64 mm) diameter or less in the United States. Historically 1.5 inch hose was the primary initial attack line but has been supplanted in most of the US by 1.75-inch-diameter (44 mm) hose that carries 175 gallons per minute.

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3 M.Ventura SOLAS - Fire Protection 5 Fire Protection, Detection and Extinguishing (3) PART C- SUPPRESSION OF FIRE • Regulation 7.Detection and alarm • Regulation 8.Control of smoke spread • Regulation 9.Containment of fire • Regulation 10.Fire fighting • Regulation 11..

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The Hiller Companies designs and manufactures fire fighting foam systems capable of controlling fires and spills of flammable and coustible liquids. Foam has been used as a medium for fire suppression. Find out more about Fire Fighting Foam Systems.

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Modern methods for extinguishing an urban fire dictate the use of a massive initial water flow, e.g. 500 L/min for each fire hose. The aim is to absorb as much heat as possible at the beginning to stop the expansion of the fire and to reduce the smoke.

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The Firecopter!! A custom-made Y-6 multi-rotor that''s equipped with a fire extinguisher for fighting fires from the air! More details here: /p>

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Fire Fighting Foam Principles and Ethanol-Blended Fuel Introduction IG 5 - 2 Introduction As discussed previously, we have s een that the production of ethanol is quite large and likely to continue to increase. The predominate danger from ethanol emergencies is not