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1/2 hp Cast Iron Sump/Effluent Pump 1/2 hp 1-1/2" Discharge 3/4" Solids Handling With a shut-off head of 37 feet and 3/4" solids-handling capability, the 280-Series by Liberty covers a wide-range of low-head to mid-range pump appliions. Designed for STEP

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2020/3/8· In order to prevent basement flooding you need to use the right size sump pump. Most sump pumps advertise horse power but this can be confusing. What you really need to know is your sump pump flow (discharge) rate to get the right pump!

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In case the sump pit is still too small or crowded, you may need to dig through the bottom of the pail to place the main pump deeper or to cut the concrete and install a full-size sump pit. But many pumps have set turn-on level of 6 to 8" and turn-off at 3" level.

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The 1/2 hp pump shouldn’t cause any problems, but in situations where the water flow into the sump is relatively slow, you would have no advantage by using the larger pump. However, in situations where the water flow can become quite rapid, a 1/2 hp pump will keep up with the flow, whereas the 1/3 hp pump …

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2016/9/15· There are some 1/6 to 1/3 hp sump pumps that I can get for $50 to $75, but I''d have to modify them so I can attach an inlet hose (most of my drums are sealed with only a 2" opening at the top so the sump-pump can''t be dropped down into the drum). So - can a

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Common Causes Sump Pump discharge lines can freeze for a nuer of reasons. The most common cause for discharge lines to freeze up is the discharge pipe is connected to a small hose laid across the ground. Many homeowners think that a 2” line that is

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Pumps, pipes, hose and fittings, submersible pumps, valves and fittings for agriculture, horticulture, and industry. Order parts on-line with our secure website. Your one stop shop for pumps, pipes, hoses, valves, fittings, and much more! With more than 18 years

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Sump Pump QUESTIONS Thomas Scherer Extension Agricultural Engineer W ater in the basement is always a concern when we receive a large amount of rain or snow. For many homeowners, the first line of defense is a sump with a pump in it. The sump may be

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Overview: The Model RD1 is a rubber discharge hose designed for rugged industrial and construction appliions where suction is not required. It includes a top grade EPDM rubber cover for abrasion and weather resistance. There is a 150psi and also 250psi

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The Freeze Relief is the best discharge line protector for keeping your sump pump working at its best. When you want to defeat winter and keep your basement dry, you need the Freeze Relief. Does not include the PVC reducer or the 1 1/2” Pipe Collar. (If those

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Superior Pump Sump Pump Hose Kit, Universal, Suitable For Use With: Pumps With a Discharge Size Of 1-1/4 or 1-1/2 in, 24 ft Poly Drainage Tubing, 1-1/4 in Hose Dia, Thermoplastic, Includes: 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 in Adapters With Rust-Resistant Hose Clamps, For

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2018/3/2· By empty capacity, my sump is 36% of the displays volume (75g) and by actual volume, it holds 27% (normal operating conditions). I''ve always tried to stick with 25-30% as a rule because components (skimmers, refugiums, pump, heaters, etc.) grow in size with

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Always refer to your pump''s instruction manual, but most sump pumps have a 1-1/2 inch diameter threaded discharge port which you need to thread a 1-1/2 inch PVC male adapter onto. Tighten the PVC adapter with pliers until it feels snug.

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1/2 HP Sump Pumps Built To Last Model: 92570 1/2 HP Thermoplastic Model: 92572 1/2 HP Thermoplastic Model: 92531 1/2 HP Cast Iron Model: 92541 1/2 HP Cast Iron Model: 92511 1/2 HP Cast Iron Model: 92501

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JGB Enterprises Water Pump Discharge Hose — 2in. x 25ft., Model# A008-0321-1625 (1) Only $ 79. 99 $. Free Store Pickup Today $. $. Compare Item# 49624 Quick Info JGB Enterprises PVC Suction Hose — 3in. x 20ft., Model# A007-0489

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By Ray Hardee, Chief Engineer, Engineered Software Choosing the size of a pump discharge pipe can be a complied process, with a range of factors to consider. Ray Hardee shares his insights into how choosing the right size discharge pipe can reduce operating time and costs. I was teaching a Piping System Fundamentals course at an open pit copper mine and mill in […]

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Little Giant Universal Discharge Hose Kit Compatible with 1-1/4" & 1-1/2" size pipes/pumps Moves Water Beyond Drain Tile Footprint Of Your Home Attaches to sump pump discharge pipe Can be attached to pump for emergency appliions Contains: (1) 24'' x 1-1

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2017/7/24· If your sump pump is locked up and not working then it’s time to replace the pump, especially if there is no sound coming from the pump. The second part of the answer is quite literal and usually means that the sump pump discharge line is frozen.

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The size of the discharge tubing should match this; that means don''t use a garden hose. Using undersized discharge tubing, even at the exterior, will force the pump to run longer each time it

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systems. We offer everything from a small fractional sump pump to a large, 100 HP, non-clog pump. From battery back-ups, check valves, sewage grinder systems, small prepackaged residential units or large prepackaged municipal systems, Zoeller can offer it all.

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This universal discharge hose is 24'' long and ready to install for use with any sump pump. Kit includes fittings to adapt it hose outlet''s on the pump. Whether you need to remove a sump pump area or flooded area, this kit will make your work as easy possible.

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I have sump pit with a submersible 1/3 pump. The discharge piping is 1 1/2 ABS. From the pit it travels straight upwards about 8-10 feet and exits through the foundation wall to the backyard. My grade is fairly high so where the pipe exits the house it is almost still


1-1/2" Sump Pump Hose Kit Features: For use with sump pumps Includes: 24'' of 1-1/2" flexible hose, fits 1-1/2" discharge Polyethylene SP1822B 18" x 22" Sump Pit 18" Diameter x 22" High Structural foam, smooth wall Includes 4" rubber inlet grommet

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Description: Asseled sump pump system with 1/3 or 1/2 hp sump pump.Molded pump platform helps to secure pump and reduce potential jamming from debris. Features: • 1/3 or 1/2 hp sump pump • 18" x 22" polyethylene sump pit and cover Discharge Size: 1

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Loe the sump pump and determine the type of drain currently in place. If installing a new sump pump, proceed to step 2. Use the hack saw to cut through the drain pipe just above the top of the basin. With the drain cut, lift the sump pump up and out of the basin.